Extract fan operation & maintenance for trouble free use


The Bathroom and Kitchen Fans are controlled by a manual pull cord switch or automatically using a humidistat.

If controlled by a humidistat the fan can be turned on manually, over-riding the humidistat, by pulling the cord twice quickly. (ie to remove odours)

The Kitchen Fan has two speeds. Pulling the cord once turns the fan on at high speed for approximately 7 minutes after which it automatically reduces to a lower speed. Pulling the cord quickly twice will switch the fan from low to high speed again.


The units are designed to be maintenance free under normal use.

External faces can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild domestic detergent. Stains not removable with soapy water may be removable using domestic nonabrasive cleaners. Do not use to excess as they may affect finish.

If required, the fan rotor units and power supply unit can be replaced by a qualified electrician without removing the unit housing from the window.

WARNING - isolate vent-trex unit from electricity supply before cleaning!